Saturday, August 19, 2006

Holy smoke has it really been a year since i have been here??? I hope to be able to update a little more often. Well this last year had been rocky and went by really fast. I changed locations at work. I am now on 21st south and 9th east in sugarhouse. I like it there. The crew and customers are different then the people i am used to. But things are looking up now. some things are working and others are a test of my patients on a daily basis. Sarah is starting 12th grade at Cottonwood High School and cant wait to move out of here, wait till she fully understands what first, last and deposit means in $'s and cents. If anything fun, exciting or Great happens to me i will be sure come back here and update you.

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lindi | 4:57 PM
Monday, May 23, 2005

I think I will do the honors.

Things with Lindi have been spectacular. Her job is going quite well and she is looking forward to her Managers Convention in Las Vegas in June!!! (LUCKY!) She has a chance to win a 2006 Mustang, oh, yeah, we are all rooting for her. Send her your energy.

I think I might work on the layout of her blog, make it more appealing. It's kinda hard on the eyes.

So, leave as message, let her know she is LOVED!!!

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Connie aka The Goddess (CrimsonDove) | 9:24 AM
Monday, July 05, 2004

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

This is kinda me............

Guess What??????????????????????? My Birthday is coming up, and i am turning 35..... wow, seems like yesterday i was still a kid, well i guess i am still a kid just an older one.. dont think im doing anything,, dont really want to celebrate anything that makes me feel old anyway..... but i have learned alot in my 35 years. ive learned to appreciate things that i never really stopped twice to look at before... roses, children ( even the ones who are harder to handle then others)cats, love, and family!!!

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lindi | 3:10 PM
Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Welcome to my wednesday..................It started out fine then it got wierd then it sorta just kinda lost control and then it was over and the next thing i know im eating redlobster with my bosses and all my management staff..........................damn thats has to be the fastest day i have ever had... it was like the 10 hours were 4... strange... i think the moon is messing me..

on a good note... my family is having a garage sale on june 19th at my mom's house. there are going to be atleast 5 family's stuff there........i can finially clean out all my old stuff from my past and even better news is that the money raised is going into our alaska trip fund in august.. So i guess you could say that we are decluttering even more then the first go round last month......

well, best get back to work.. hope everyone is doing good and congrats to loreen and dylan on the NEW HOUSE..

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lindi | 3:51 PM
Monday, May 24, 2004

moon phases

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lindi | 6:15 PM
Tuesday, May 18, 2004

What Color is Your Brain?

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lindi | 7:54 AM
Wednesday, April 28, 2004

well hi there everyone.
this is the first chance i have had to update this thing in a while and i must appoligize...... ( lorene im truly truly sorry)

Ive been in a not so friendly mood lately and im not sure why.. things seem to be in a shambles, out of order, cluttered and crazy.

ut i have come to the conclution that if i do something , anything it will be to organize my life at home just like it is as work. for example at work i have everything in its place and its labeled so there is no question as to where it goes. at home it seems that everything has a place but its not the right place, so i guess my first step is to figure out just where everything is supposed to go. then label it so it can officially stay there. ummmmm sounds like a good enough plan, a great place to start.....

i need to be on one of those shows i see on cable about they come in a declutter your life and help you make places for things and actually make you throw shit away.... it hink that would be great. im sure the rest of my family would be in shock but im hoping they could handle it..

well a co-worker just called and had a beautiful baby boy this morning so i must go take my new camera out and go get pictures... hee hee... i just love new baby's. i dont think she has very many friends and family here in salt lake, so im glad she feels she can call me and she knows i will be there for her.....

things that also make me happy today are:

kitty's ( even though they only want to play a night time)

my new shoes

knowing that my wife does love me as much as she says she does

knowing that my daughter can come and talk to me about ANYTHING

and my friends

ta ta for now

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lindi | 8:59 AM
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